Aztec Scroll

4.4 ( 5614 ratings )
Jogos Tabuleiro Puzzle
Developer: Mind Bender Games

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Mind Bender Games brings you a new 3D puzzle with Aztec Scroll. An ancient relic holds the secret to opening a mysterious tomb. You must navigate the maze, avoid dangerous traps, and collect mystic runes to complete the challenge.

- Tilt your device to roll the ball through the maze
- Complete the maze before time runs out
- Collect all the green runes to complete the level
- Power runes temporarily boost score
- Ice traps slow the ball
- Water traps reduce remaining time

- Random level generation means a new puzzle to be solved every time
- Count-down timer creates fast-paced action
- Challenge your brain with 3 difficulty modes
- Set records with high score tracking
- Simple tilt controls for easy movement
- Full audio soundtrack with sound effects and music