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Quick Look #5: Aztaka - Aztec Side Scrolling Action RPG

In this episode we look at the indie side-scrolling action RPG, Aztaka. Aztaka takes place in the Aztec world and has a lot of deep RPG systems, like loot, inventory, skills, magic and side...

Maya Stone Calendar - Alarm Clock

Homepage: iTunes:

Devil's Creed Gameplay Guide Walkthrough Android App RPG Side Scrolling

Check out to view game Guides, Wiki's, Hints, Tips, Tricks, Cheats, Hacks, and more for Android, iOS, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, PC and Mac.

TotemQuest for iPhone

Download the app on iStore: Welcome to the world of ancient Aztecs! Make your way through ancient forests,...

Civ 1 on iPhone

With an app called "iDOS", a DOS emulator, I decided to download and run Civ 1. The problem? I dunno how to play yet. I'm getting there. It runs very smoothly on my iPhone 3GS though. My main...

Aztec Antics - Apple TV tvOS

Aztec Antics is available now from

Game Hunting- RPG's and Side Scrolling

went on a bizarre hunt and what i found was more than awesome!

King of the Aztecs Slots Game

Uncover ancient treasures in a historic civilization to become King of the Empire. Play King of the Aztecs online slots at

vParticle Plus iPhone Gameplay

BRAVURA - Quest Rush Official Trailer

BRAVURA - Quest Rush. From Playground Publishing App Store link: [+] $1.99 BRAVURA - Quest Rush is available at a special launch price for a limited time only. Get it...